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28 04, 2022

Benefits of PDF Conversion Services

2022-06-26T10:05:20+00:00By |Outsource to India|0 Comments

PDF is one of the most popular formats used by almost all working professionals these days. In 1991 Dr. John Warnock, (Co-Founder-Adobe) launched the paper-to-digital revolution with an idea called The Camelot Project, the main aim of which was to help people capture documents from various applications and send electronic versions of these documents across [...]

15 04, 2022

Advantages of Digitizing Documents with Backfile Scanning

2022-06-26T10:05:20+00:00By |Outsource to India|0 Comments

Data digitization services and document digitization services are two of the most important services sought after by business organizations across the world owing to the advantages it offers. While data digitization services involve the process of converting physical records such as text, video, images, and audio into digital formats, document digitization services refer to the [...]