We all outsource data conversion services offered by various firms for various reasons. We live in a time when there is a lot of demand for data conversion services. And nowadays, it is easier to create e-books by using e-book conversion services offered by various firms. One of the main advantages of e-book conversion services is that they can convert e-books into your preferred format to make them accessible to the readers. As there are a lot of e-book conversion tools like the tools used by agencies you outsource data conversion services to, you must have an idea of some of the popular tools used these days. This will help you outsource book or data conversion services to the concerned parties who use your preferred tools.

book conversion

  1. Kitaboo

This conversion tool is perfect for those searching for the best platforms for e-book publishing. This allows the users to publish and share e-books on all possible platforms. E-books converted using this tool can be accessed on IOS, Android, and windows operating systems. In addition, you can read these books on popular platforms like Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Apple iBook, Adobe Digital Edition, etc.

  1. Online Convert

If you are looking for the best platform supporting a wide variety of formats, like ePub, LRF, HTML, PDF, etc., try using Online Convert. Some features you can utilize on this platform include document converter, video converter, audio converter, etc. With this, you can convert nearly 20 files without an account and around 200 files with an account. In addition, this user-friendly tool allows you to easily convert your e-book to a preferred format like kindle AZW.

  1. Zamzar

If you are looking for user-friendly software offering high-quality conversion services, go for Zamzar. With this tool, you can convert and compress close to