When you search Google to convert PDF to word or PDF conversion services, you will get a list of some popular PDF converters online. You might also be able to recollect these sites asking you to upload the files to get them converted in 5 minutes without installing any software. But do you think such PDF conversion services are safe? If you think so, consider some of the risks you might be exposing your files to when you go for online PDF conversion.

online pdf conversion

  1. Safety

The first question that comes to our mind while we think of uploading our files into websites or online file converters is safety. Uploading our files to unsafe websites comes with the possibility of exposing our system to viruses or Trojans. Moreover, PDF conversion services offered by websites that ask for our email addresses can spam our inboxes with unnecessary emails.

  1. Quality

According to the project management triangle, the main constraints of any project remain time, quality, and cost. You only have the option to optimize any of the two. Choosing a conversion process that is fast and economical will most likely give you a poor-quality file.

  1. Privacy

Online converters available nowadays boast about their safety and reliability features. But if we are working with files containing sensitive data, privacy is a matter of concern. But avail of online PDF conversion services (you are not so sure of) only if you don’t have any issues exposing such information to outsiders. An important point to keep in mind before using such converters is to ensure that these websites do not retain files on their server.

  1. Large File Size

Most online file converters nowadays don’t allow us to convert large files. Many sites also adhere to service level agreements before proceeding with PDF conversion. An example of such an agreement includes conversion minutes granted per day for a user. In such a situation, imposing such conditions is a simple step developer can take to keep these websites working without any issues.

  1. Features Available

Nowadays, some software come with premium features like batch conversion. But uploading all of them to an online converter at one go may look complicated. Other rare features of online converters include optical character recognition (OCR), cleaning and editing tools, support resources, etc.

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