Images are an integral part of any business. Be it e-brochures, user manuals, e-commerce websites or simply customer-guides, you need to incorporate relevant images along with texts to lure your customers. In most of the cases, companies lack both technology and manpower to process these images. Well, if you are facing a similar problem, feel free to outsource image data entry services to Sasta.

Image data entry services

Our professional data entry team of experts can streamline your business with sophisticated image data entry services. Sometimes these images come along with captions and other texts, and in other cases, individual images need to re digitalised. In any case, we can provide you with a single, wide platform of updated technology and able manpower at rates friendly to your pockets.

Images may be required for a number of purposes and these include legal image data, marketing image data, promotional image data and so on. We provide various services like incorporating images into spreadsheets, websites, e-carts and the rest. Whenever you require image data entry services, simply give us a knock at Sasta.

Our service includes the following:

Scanned images data entry

Excel spread sheet data entry

Image keying and indexing

Image storage and retrieval

Catalogue data entry

Image capturing

Image sorting

Outsource Image Data Entry Services to Sasta

Cost-efficiency is a major reason why companies opt to avail the services of third party data entry service providers. Maintaining an in-house professional team of experts drains down the resources. When you outsource image data entry services to Sasta, you get better grades of data capture services in a fraction of the total budget you would spend on your own team.

Technically, we are the leaders in the industry and have a world-class infrastructure. Our seasoned experts keep themselves updated to the evolving techniques and software.

We can perform all sorts of image data entry services, including scanning, resizing and editing of photographs. Our professionals are comfortable in dealing with any sort of image file and format. In case you crave for a better business profile with an attractive website or user manuals, you can count on us for image data entry services. We maintain the total security of the data and never commit anything unprofessional with the images.

Benefits of Outsourcing Image Data Entry Services to Sasta

Competition is escalating in the industry and generic brands are catching up fast. If you want to add more teeth to your business, come to us for seamless image data entry services. Check out the benefits of outsourcing data entry work to Sasta in a nutshell before you proceed to seek our assistance.

Easily Accessible Data: We maintain accuracy while dealing with your data. You recommend certain criteria with regard to categorization and editing of the images. Our professionals abide by the recommendations with sincerity and you can get the desired services customized to perfection.

Reduced Operational Costs: We care for our clients and charge reasonable rates of service. As you need not maintain a professional team of your own, you can heavily cut down the costs. You can re-invest this money in your business. You can choose a price slab from us according to your pockets.

Customer Service Desk: We prefer working in close association with our clients. So, you can call us up anytime you want a service to be modified or add certain recommendations. You can also request us for emergency services at odd hours. We have the required technical infrastructure and human resource to tackle bulk images.

Least Turnaround Time: Our team of experts is agile and adroit with their work. You can achieve more productivity if you work rely on Sasta.

Whenever you require services from data entry services company, simply contact us. We will help you to add new feathers to your cap at affordable rates, compatible with your pocket.