Every known business on the planet in today’s electronic organizational set-up are immensely dependent on numeric data and information. You can well imagine the impact if there is a slight mistake in any of the numeric figures entered into your database. Be it payment invoice, survey data, marketing data, annual budget sheets of the company, old database, legal document or payment bills, the accuracy of the text and numeric figures is immense. It is quite troublesome to assign your own employees with these complicated tasks. As it required a different genre of technology altogether to accomplish these them. Alternatively, you can outsource text and numeric data entry services to offshore partner, at Sasta.

Text and numeric data entry

We are one of the leading offshore data entry service provider, with tons of experience and skills. With the ideal mix of manpower and expertise, we can eliminate all hassles in restructuring your business in lines with the digitized world technology.

In case you need any sort of assistance in your business, feel free to give us a knock. We welcome bulk work and deliver uncompromised offshore data entry services to warrant the full value of your bucks.

Our service includes the following:

  • Financial data entry
  • E-mail addresses
  • Invoice entry
  • Credit and debit card information
  • Examination marks
  • Personal and company addresses

Outsource Text and Numeric Data Entry Services to Sasta

Sasta leads the industry in terms of dedication to the clients, skilled manpower, unmatched technology and short turnaround time for the services. You need to outsource text and numeric data entry services to Sasta if you crave for the refined business infrastructure. Well, you can contact us any time with bulk data entry work, and our expert data entry team is competent enough to deal with any file or format. We can handle old databases, create new ones as per your recommendations, work on CD’s emails, word documents, excel sheets, HTML, Binary, MS Access and every possible file you require.

Data entry with numeric figures require greater precaution and accuracy. Especially when it deals with the financial aspects. You can outsource payroll sheets, survey sheets, company reports, bookkeeping files, sales reports, insurance and any other documents to us. We assure you top-graded quality of service, and with the updated technology, our professionals kill possibilities of errors.

Well, you may think of maintaining a permanent in-house team for the purpose, but with the give pay-scales as per industrial standards, you will do no better than draining out your resources. At Sasta, you are assured with the best price-packages for data entry jobs to keep your treasury in good health.

Benefits of Outsourcing Text and Numeric Data Entry Services to Sasta

We have no close competitors in the industry. As for taking care of our clients with a vast assortment of benefits. Besides providing the customizable price-packages, we also maintain an able customer-support desk with able personnel, ready to cater to the requirements of our clients. Here are the other benefits of outsourcing text and numeric data entry services to Sasta.

Quick Services: We have the best technology in the industry at our disposal. With a dedicated workforce, we never falter with deadlines. We keep in touch with our clients over the phone, delivering the work within the stipulated hours.

Expertise: Amateurism has no space in alpha-numeric data entry services. Our experts are hardcore professionals, seasoned to perfection with the long experience over the years. We can deal with the respective formats with accuracy and ensure the finest quality of services to our clients.

Data Security: You need not worry about the security of your data. They are secured through non-disclosure agreements with our clients, signed at the outset of every contract.

We all these features, we roll out the best work infrastructure in the industry to our clients. Come to us at Sasta and experience a new world of technologies to flee from all hassles of data entry jobs.