PDF is one of the most popular formats used by almost all working professionals these days. In 1991 Dr. John Warnock, (Co-Founder-Adobe) launched the paper-to-digital revolution with an idea called The Camelot Project, the main aim of which was to help people capture documents from various applications and send electronic versions of these documents across the globe to help the receivers view and print them on any machine. Camelot was later developed into PDF in the year 1992. Let us now look at some of the benefits of PDF conversion services.

pdf conversion

How PDF Conversion Helps Businesses?

  1. PDF Conversion Helps Us Ensure Data Security

One of the main reasons why PDF conversion services are gaining popularity worldwide these days is because it helps us ensure data security. It is seen that saving documents in any format other than the PDF format can pose challenges like hacking, phishing, and many others.

  1. It Helps Us Ensure Data Consistency

Data consistency is something all of us should maintain during the process of converting documents. If a document is required for a critical decision-making process, then consistency is an important feature to be considered. The best BPO provider will always ensure that the converted data maintains consistency as expected by the clients.

  1. PDF Conversion Helps Us Store Files Easily

With the increasing popularity of paperless offices, agencies offering PDF conversion services are much more in demand for PDF conversion helps us store data easily. As we all know, a paperless office helps us save time and space as it helps us transfer paper files into secure digital formats making the process of storing and managing documents a stress-free process.

  1. Supports Non Text Elements 

As we all may have noticed, the size of data MS Word can support is very minute. It is easy to lose images and videos while converting the data into another format from MS word. Even after hyperlinking, there is a chance that the documents are not free from a situation where you can lose the hyperlinked portions during the process of transfer. In case any of your clients would like to view the hyperlink you will be required to first put the image or video on some other website. Things like this can seem to be too much for a business working within tight deadlines. Having the necessary documents in PDF format you can easily transfer your files, as it makes it possible for us to include links, notes, images, etc.

So why wait, use PDF conversion services, now!