All of us, irrespective of whether we are engaged in some profession or not make use of alphanumeric data. Alphanumeric, as the name implies is the name given to something that consists of both letters and numbers. One of the easiest examples of an item that contains alphanumeric characters is our password for the reason that many of us tend to include both texts as well as numeric data in our password, to keep it strong. Some of the places where alphanumeric data entry is made regularly include hospitals, IT companies, and banks, and some of the roles in which we widely do alphanumeric data entry include Cashier, Secretary, Data Entry Clerk, Administrative assistant, Medical Biller, etc.

alphanumeric data entry

Are you someone belonging to any of the above categories who is eager to know how you can improve your alphanumeric typing skills and gain expertise in text & numeric data entry? Keep reading for the points mentioned will be of help for you. 

Tips To Improve Text & Numeric Data Entry Skills

  1. Make Sure You Are Aware Of The Proper Typing Position

Many amateur typists follow the practice of typing with two index fingers. This might look good for some of us, but correcting the typing position as mentioned below would help you do your job better.

  • Sit straight and place your feet flat on the floor. Make sure your computer screen is 15 to 25 inches away from your eyes and that your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle.
  • Place your left and right pointer fingers on the F and J keys to start. This is considered our home row. Make sure other fingers rest on the remaining keys in the home row and that your thumbs rest on the space bar.
  • Reach for the other keys from the home row as you type. Moreover, make sure you use the finger that is above or below each key to type.
  1. Memorizing The Keyboard Is Always A Good Idea

Ask an experienced data entry professional about how the years of work experience benefitted them, you are sure to hear them say they have reached a point where they can do text & numeric data entry without looking at the keyboard. If you are an amateur data entry professional, stay patient for memorizing the keyboard is something that will take time. Try covering your hands with a napkin/ towel to avoid looking at the keyboard to have some fun while memorizing the keyboard.

What tip would you like to share?

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