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Why Outsourcing Data Entry Functions is Becoming Popular?

Data entry plays a crucial role in managing information and creating a high quality data base for business organizations. Data entry functions involves a wide range of services such as data processing, data mining, conversion and digitization of data. Businesses have to deal with tons of fragmented data on a daily basis. However this data […]

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The 4 Primary Perks Of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

The technology adopted for data collection and analysis play an important role in understanding customers. In fact a report of E consultancy & IBM show that 33% of marketers believe in the overwhelming role that data can play in meeting their business goals. A well sorted data base makes a high value investment for businesses […]

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Impact Of Virtual Assistant Services- Things That Every Business Should Know

Virtual assistant Services offer flexible and versatile options to handle the tedious day-to- day administrative tasks of businesses. You can hire it for a certain number of hours or on a project completion basis; you can hire them again when you need if you are pleased with the quality of their work. The best part […]

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Why Businesses Need Geotagging Data Entry?

In today’s digital world geotagging has become especially important for businesses to digitally map their business locations with their clients and business partners across online platforms.  Since most business transactions are happening online, pinpointing the geographical coordinates can be crucial for businesses. Geotagging a location accurately require humungous human effort, time and resources, which makes […]

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Businesses Can Utilize Their Data Better By Outsourcing Data Capture

Data capture is an important task for every genre of business as it involves collecting valuable information from various sources like images and texts. Data capture involves the application of image capture software like OCR (optical character recognition), ICR (intelligent character recognition) and IDR (intelligent document recognition), to scan and convert paper documents into digital […]

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Financial Data Entry Outsourcing – Get More Value For Your Money

The financial sector is the backbone of any nation’s infrastructure and in shaping the future of the economy. Banks and financial institutions try to bring out the best packages to woo the customers and to attract investors. In a highly competitive industry, any lackadaisical approach will get a quick rebuttal from the customers who look […]

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How Outsourcing of Data Capture Helps Businesses to Reduce Operational Cost

Businesses deal with data of all possible types in their day to day operations. Piles of data in fragmented form cannot be effectively made use of. Data capture involves the process of collecting, sorting, interpreting and storing physical data in an easily accessible electronic format. Data capturing is a valuable tool in supermarkets where bar […]

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Outsourcing Image Data Entry To Spreadsheet- Enhance Your Business Presentations

Businesses use spreadsheets to make reports and graphs as Excel sheets can exchange data with other applications and integrate graphics and images. Spreadsheets are easy to understand and reduce the risks of data redundancy. Image data entry to spreadsheet outsourcing involves entering the images and figures into an excel format by a team of highly […]

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Why You May Need to Outsource Accounting Data Entry Services- Must Read

Every genre of organization, whether big or small have to deal with tons of finance and account statements, which may require a huge in- house team of data entry operators with sound accounting background. Outsourcing this time consuming task of accounting data entry services will help you save time and effort and cut down on […]

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5 Top Tips To Find A Reliable Data Entry Outsourcing Partner

Outsourcing is the buzz word in the business world these days. Apart from being a cost effective way to ensure quality data processing, outsourcing will ensure easy access to the latest technology and a trained team of professional to handle the outsourcing work in the shortest possible team. So, what exactly are the best ways […]

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