The technology adopted for data collection and analysis play an important role in understanding customers. In fact a report of E consultancy & IBM show that 33% of marketers believe in the overwhelming role that data can play in meeting their business goals. A well sorted data base makes a high value investment for businesses in strategic decision making processes, fund management, marketing and inventory among others. A superior quality data base has a crucial role in any organization as it makes the corner stone of the developmental models and the strategic decisions.

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Outsourcing is a highly cost-effective method for business cycle runs. It will optimize the productivity of the highly specialized in- house teams and help them to process the core business operations while the redundant task of data entry is being taken care by the outsourcing partner. Businesses get the dual advantage of having a team of expert data entry operators to get their tasks done and the latest technology to get it completed in the most precise way possible. Outsourcing will ensure the shortest turn-around time too even when you need to process a huge volume of records thanks to the scalability benefit offered by the vendor.

Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are more likely to stand out in the competition and get increased profitability. Knowledge driven data can be exploited to its fullest potential if used suitably. It includes various important pieces of information like the trending technologies, market conditions, current demands, competitors’ activities and more. Having a sound and accurate data base will help businesses to beat the competition and increase profitability and that is what encourages organizations to outsource data entry services.

Here are the four distinct perks of outsourcing data entry services

Relevant and value added data

Organizations often have to tackle the issue of duplicate and redundant data of almost every kind. Data entry outsourcing will ensure segregation of data and elimination of redundant or incorrect data thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Businesses use their data base as a blue print to make predictions and market analysis and even minor errors or obsolete data can hamper the accuracy of forecasts, which in turn can have long lasting impact. Outsourcing will mitigate this risk effectively.

Enjoy the best of both the worlds of Automated and Manual Entry

Automation of tasks will save time and effort. Outsourcing will also make use of the tried and tested manual error checking and multi level quality checks of the extracted information to make doubly sure that the data base contains only the most relevant and up to date information. However, this may not be feasible while executing data entry tasks in- house because of the paucity of manpower and time. So, the chances of errors getting into the data base if fairly high when it is being carried out in-house.