In today’s digital world geotagging has become especially important for businesses to digitally map their business locations with their clients and business partners across online platforms.  Since most business transactions are happening online, pinpointing the geographical coordinates can be crucial for businesses. Geotagging a location accurately require humungous human effort, time and resources, which makes it financially nonviable for organizations. It is a complex task where you may need professional help to help you in your geotagging data entry needs.

Geotagging data entry servicesWe have the expertise in organizing geotagging information from images, videos or website content  in different formats to create  secure databases for all the mapped locations of your business. Geotagging your business location in Google maps and Google earth will make it easy for the users to find your business in searchable results.

We employ state of the art technology and a well experienced team of experts to handle the Geotagging data entry needs of your organization to ensure a high precision data base. The best part is that we can easily convert geotagged information into a format that is compliant with your operating system or device.

Geotagging has become an advanced digital marketing tool in all types of business organizations. It will enhance the online visibility and reach of businesses among their audience and make them easily spotted in search engine results. Geotagging refers to the process of adding geographical information to different media like images and video among others.

The data will consist of coordinates like longitude, latitude, bearing, altitude, distance and place names. You can give specific information like the location of the source image or even the location details of the users who log in to view the picture by geotagging.

By outsourcing geotagging data entry services to us, you can save on time, effort and money, which in turn can be utilized for your core business operations. We offer customized and cost effective geotagging solutions to suit the needs of the clients and to ensure the maximum results.

What We Offer on Geotagging Data Entry Services

We at Sasta Outsourcing Services offers comprehensive geotagging data entry services for your marketing needs . Some of the services that we offer include the following:

Online data entry servicesBusiness Tagging Services – Get your business geotagged on Google Map and Google Earth with accuracy and be visible  in top search results.<