Businesses deal with data of all possible types in their day to day operations. Piles of data in fragmented form cannot be effectively made use of. Data capture involves the process of collecting, sorting, interpreting and storing physical data in an easily accessible electronic format. Data capturing is a valuable tool in supermarkets where bar code scanner is in place, ATMs, punch cards and a lot of other significant operations.

data capture

Data capture requires a lot of effort and expertise and by outsourcing you can optimize your internal resources to handle the core business operations, thereby enhancing productivity and keeping the overheads in check. The added advantage is that you get access to the latest software tools and a well experienced team to handle the task with accuracy well within the turnaround time without investing in hiring or training the personnel or installing the latest tools.

We at Sasta Outsourcing Services carry out a range of outsourcing activities including scanning, OCR and data capture, remote data capture , document sorting and batching and more. With a proven track record in handling data entry services for all types of organizations, we cater to all your data capture needs with utmost confidentiality and accuracy. We know better than anyone else that your business data needs may be unique and to cater to your needs we offer bespoke solutions that match your requirements.

Our tested and approved data capture methods ensure absolute accuracy and seamless integration with our customers’ in-house systems ensuring superior quality services and customer care support. While outsourcing this crucial task to us, you will have the unbeatable advantage of having a dedicated team to handle your data capture needs and turn it into a digital format that can be accessed easily. We undertake quality checking to ensure the ultimate accuracy.

We are specialized in a range of data capture requirements including website data into the output format of your choice. We can handle huge volumes of data capture requirements with ease. Businesses can make use of this high quality data captured from various sources to make reports, product decisions and strategies.

No matter whether you need to capture data of consumers, competitor or market from various websites or meta-data information, our well trained team will ensure the best outcome at competitive rates.