Organizations manage a lot of documents like invoices, forms, etc. for various purposes. The growth in business and competition has led organizations to outsource the process of data capture to various organizations. Though there are various types of data capture services offered by various agencies, there is a very high demand for automatic data capture solutions compared to any other types of data capture solutions. The increasing focus on data security and the aim for improved process efficiency can be considered as the 2 main reasons for the same.

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Thinking of why Automated Data Capture Systems are in-demand these days? Read on to know why.

Advantages of Automatic Data Capture Solutions

  1. Advantages Of Automatic Data Capture Solutions

According to a study conducted on the topic ‘impact of data entry methods on data accuracy and statistical results’ participants who conducted visual checking made 2,958% more errors compared to the participants who made double entries. Both these methods are more time-consuming than a single entry. But an important point to keep in mind is that automated data capture is a great solution for such issues.

Workflow software comes with the facility to automatically record readings, issue notifications, or support specified programs once the data capture is automated. This will allow the staff of the concerned organization to benefit from access to authentic data.

  1. It Boosts Productivity

Manual data entry has the potential to create bottlenecks in the data collection process and analysis. Expert data entry professionals can ideally type at a speed of 15,000 keystrokes/ hour. However, dealing with complex data that demands assimilation before entry can bring down the speed. Therefore, any expert operator adding 400 units of data would take close to 6-8 minutes. But the turnaround time is sure to increase if you have a higher data volume.

Automatic data capture solutions enables smooth data capture. Unlike humans, these automated systems won’t have to examine every single version of a document