These days with technological advancements, we can use various techniques to provide data capture solution. Such methods help us capture data from various sources such as surveys, invoices, claim forms, unstructured documents, etc. Automated data capture methods eliminate the need for manual data entry and improve data accuracy in day-to-day operations. Given below are the various techniques used in providing data capture solutions.

data capture solution

  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If you wish to capture data from structured documents, OCR technology is what we recommend. Mainly if the document is processed using Word. The OCR software helps us convert documents into files that machines can easily read. Once this is done, you can look for keywords present in it.

  1. Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)

If you wish to avail of data capture services using an adapted version of OCR, you can look for ICR technology. It will help you read the handwritten text and transform it into decipherable information. This technology is recommended when dealing with unstructured documents like letters and handwritten business documents.

  1. Automatic Data Capture

Automatic data capture techniques easily apply to scanned documents via OCR or ICR technology. Doing so will help you draw out important information from these forms. This data capture method is becoming extremely popular among business firms who wish to automate various tasks like invoicing, claims processing, etc. The software used in this process can examine various types of information like names, addresses, reference numbers, etc. The extracted information is then entered into a preferred format for importing into the required systems like CSV, HTML, excel, etc.

  1. Paperless Forms

Using paperless forms for data capture services helps us easily capture the necessary information without using a single piece of paper. In a way, this method is helping you transform how your b