We all avail of PDF to excel data entry services at various times for various needs. If this PDF document is a bank statement or something of equal importance, it is quite natural for us to make a data entry from PDF to excel. We would then save the data from the PDF documents in an Excel sheet for various benefits they offer. An inbuilt feature can help you automatically import and convert PDF documents to Excel. Read on to know more about the steps involved in the process.

pdf to excel data entry

  1. Open the PDF File 

If you don’t want to avail of PDF to excel data entry services offered by various agencies, you should open the PDF file containing the data you wish to copy. Then proceed toward the next stage by using any of the two below-mentioned methods:

  • Find the PDF document using Windows File Explorer.
  • Choose the dropdown menu after right-clicking the file.
  • Use your cursor to select open with and open another menu.
  • Open the version of Microsoft Word available on your computer. The 2019 version of Microsoft Word is one you can try using.
  1. Convert The Document

Next, you will see a window indicating that the program you opened helps you convert the document.

  • It will take some time for the conversion to take place based on file size and the presence of graphics in it.
  • After the PDF to word conversion, enable editing when required. Otherwise, the file might open up in protected view, making it impossible for you to edit.
  1. Copy The Data

Now that you have enabled the editing feature, view and edit the word document.

  • Look for the table, graph, or the details with which you wish to make data entry from PDF to excel.
  • Highlight the table using a mouse and proceed to copy the data and paste it