Historic documents contain facts and priceless information that need to be saved for posterity and handed down the generations. Many old books were printed from a printing press which leaves no digital record of the content. So, these books need to be scanned to turn them into digital format. By historical documents digitization services, the information can be saved and easily shared among multiple platforms and stored in a safe format that is tamper proof.

historical documents digitization and conversion

The document can be transcribed by copying it by writing, or typing. However, this may be a time-consuming task that is prone to errors. Another method is imaging onto microfilm using an imaging system to photocopy the image onto film. The documents can also be converted into a digital format by scanning. Historical documents like the Bible or Declaration of Independence have all been transcribed numerous times over the years to turn it into religious or history books.

However, even today there are millions of documents that have not been transcribed and which are at the risk of degradation and permanent damage. Ancient documents made from fallible materials are highly vulnerable to degradation and fading, which will make the information irretrievable and a loss. The new evolving technologies can preserve these age-old relics for future, which will leave a trail of valuable footprints and trail to the history and the origin of these documents.

Historical Documents Digitization Services Using OCR

Latest technology like optical character recognition has made it possible to scan any open book without needing to flatten the surface, which has made scanning super quick. O.C.R. software converts typed pages into text files by analyzing the letters on the original document and converting them into a word-processing format.

Optical character recognition works best with clean pages and clear, dark letters and hence there are possibilities of incorrect translations while dealing with handwritten documents or old faded manuscripts. So, it is recommended to proofread the entire document before saving and sharing it.

Digitization also enables the users to turn these documents into any convenient format like PDF, which can then be shared among the users who can easily download and read these documents on their computers, tablets or phones. If they wish to have a hard copy, they can even take a print out of the same that brings things to a full circle!

The scanned pages can also be converted into an editable text file, which can be shared among users or even be expanded with photographs and additional mat