Optical character recognition software plays a key role in various data management projects. They are used to electronically convert images and other documents like receipts, invoices, business cards, emails etc into a digital and searchable format. OCR technology has come a long way since its origin and has evolved to keep in tune with the changing times. The latest OCR technology ensures recognition of characters of different languages and allows greater accuracy. OCR software saves time and effort of retyping and creating documents in different formats every time.

best ocr software

To get the best outcome, it is important to choose the right OCR software, which may be easier said than done at times. To help you to boil down your choices, we have listed out top 10 OCR tools, to cater to your data entry requirements. Offered in various price points, different software has different features and functionality. A reliable data entry outsourcing service provider will have to ensure the most appropriate OCR software for their clients that will meet the specific requirements and budget allocations of their clients.

Best OCR Software for Data Entry Projects

1. Nuance OmniPage:

Nuance OmniPage is a highly potent OCR software that is only for PC. It has many features and can support as many as 140 languages and various fonts and tables apart from batch processing, and output in multiple formats. Nuance OmniPage can be easily integrated with commonly used applications such as MS word, Cloud and HTML and eBook formats. It is highly accurate and easy to use, which makes it a perfect pick for regular and heavy users of OCR technology.

Rating/Ranking:1 on TopTenReviews.com; Rating of 4/5 on PCMag.com

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

It takes credit to a Solid OCR system that works well with both scanned and saved documents. Acrobat Pro DC can recognize 42 languages and this robust software can be integrated with Cloud, Word, and HTML. It offers e-mail and phone-based support and has versions for both PC and Mac. Accurate and easy to use, this software is a reliable option for users with heavy OCR usage.

Rating/Ranking: 2 on TopTenReviews.com

3. ABBYY Fine Reader:

The biggest plus point of this software is that it can recognize 190 different languages, which enhances its scope of application. It can be used to replicate images, PDFs and electronically generated documents. It can also recognize text in barcodes, text and other elements and can be smoothly integrated with Cloud, Word, HTML as well as eBook format and can easily be installed on all operating systems. A full range of comprehensive support is provided that includes phone and e-mail. It is well suited for businesses that rely a lot on OCR technology.

Rating/Ranking: 3 on TopTenReviews.com. Rating of 4/5 on PCMag

4. ReadIris:

The original OCR power in Adobe Acrobat software, ReadIris can recognize 130different languages and can retain the original layout, images, and design o