Ecommerce is the fastest growing business segment among online entities with a 30% growth annually. Online ecommerce outsourcingretailing has become a lucrative business vertical, with more and more businesses joining the race. However, to stay ahead of the competition, online marketers need to optimize their performance and business operations to make the most of the available time and manpower. Outsourcing ecommerce and retail services will ensure high quality services to customers without having to stretch the budget. The best part is that you can employ your manpower on your primary business and stay focused on diversification and revenue generation.

Outsourcing will make sure that your customer service is at par excellence. Reports show that you are 14 times more likely to sell to an existing happy customer than to a new customer. 97% of customers feel that customer service makes an important factor while choosing retailers.

Here are the other benefits of outsourcing retail services:

Multiple channel Customer support: Outsourcing offers premium quality customer service through various channels including phone, email and social media, to ensure goodwill and brand exposure.

Outsourcing offers flexibility and scalability for retailers: Ecommerce Retail industry has a cyclic pattern with busy seasons like Christmas interspersed with lean seasons. During busy seasons, when orders and customer queries are at a peak, retailers can think of outsourcing to handle the extra work load without the cost and effort of recruiting and training additional staff to handle the busy holiday season crowd. Call centers can help you scale up staff during busy seasons and relieve the marketers of the responsibility of enhancing the in-house team to handle the seasonal rush. The best part of outsourcing is that once the busy season is over they can scale down the staff easily. Outsourcing thus will help you to get additional staff support with far less cost outlay.

Outsourcing ensures Data Collection and Analysis: Clear metrics and data analysis in realtime will give a precise an concrete idea of the top selling items, materials that are returned frequently and more. This type of data collection will enable the retailer to stock fast moving items in anticipation of the sales trends and cut down on the stocks that are not selling well. Often retailers indulge in a blind game while taking stocks, which often do not pay off well. By outsourcing the data analysis and inventory management task, retailers can anticipate a successful season by ensuring adequate stock of items that sell well.

Better customer service: Customer is indeed the king! Outsourcing will ensure a better customer service experience where customer complaints get resolved quickly. A seamless customer care service in turn will enhance your brand popularity an