Tourism is one of the largest contributors to the global economy, creating jobs and driving growth. In the year 2014, the industry contributed US$7,580 billion in GDP and 277 million jobs to the global economy. Reports show that the contribution of Travel and Tourism industry to world GDP grew for the sixth consecutive year and the growth trend is expected to be upward for the next ten years with the predicted growth rates higher than most other industries.

Travel and Tourism

Tourism industry, which is the world’s largest income earner has been undergoing a lot of innovating changes in recent times and to stay ahead in this highly competitive market, businesses have been employing state of the art technology and business techniques. With a steady increase in the spending power, customers have become choosier and to attract more customers, tourist industry businesses have been fine tuning their operations to ensure the best at the most cost effective rates.

Tourism sector accounts for more than 9.5% of total employment, which means that one in eleven of all jobs on earth is in travel and tourism industry! In an industry, which is famous for its fierce competition and demand for excellence, , the coming days will see a lot of focus on ensuring more customer satisfaction. Your business needs to make use of every opportunity to turn every lead into sales and to turn your existing customers brand loyal. Personalized service and prompt responses will all make a lot of difference in making your brand stand out in the industry.

To ensure the quickest response and the best quality services, most travel and tourist business owners are outsourcing their services in India. The immense talent pool coupled with low labor costs and excellent web connectivity are some of the factors that make India the best outsourcing destination for travel and tourism industry. Add to it the big plus that India also offers the time zone advantage for businesses in other parts of the world including the US as the companies will get their work completed while they are closed for the day. It will ensure the quickest turn-around time for businesses and will ensure a top quality output without having to put in a lot of effort or money. Outsourcing is found to cut down the operational expenses by over 65% for companies than what could have been if they maintain an in house team. Outsourcing will enable the businesses to optimize the services of their team and make use of their ability in the core business operations that will ensure returns.

India Continues To Be One Of The Most Favored Outsourcing Destinations For Travel And Tourism Industry

Outsourcing partners will coordinate with businesses to provide customized and competitive solutions to cater to the needs and challenges of this highly evolving and dynamic market. We at Sasta Outsourcing Services provides an array of services like email responses, phone based enquiries and back office works like data entry, data processing, data conversion and more. Travel and tourism businesses can also outsource special promotion campaigns surveys to monitor trends and responses and any other tasks, which have to be completed in a time bound manner without having to put in their work force into it. Apart from hospitality outsourcing services, you can outsource customer service, telemarketing service and a lot more.

Our outsourcing services will help convert customer interactions into customer loyalty. By outsourcing your travel and tourism services to India, you get the advantage of easy access to a well experienced team of professionals who can handle multiple languages with ease to cater to companies world- wide but also state of the art technology and top class output at the shortest possible time. The biggest advantage of outsourcing to India has always been the unbelievably low price rates on offer. Businesses can get their work done at less than half the expenses they would have incurred at home if they were to employ a team and the software facilities. Businesses can stay focused on their core business operations and long term business expansion plans by handing over all the responsibilities of not just the completion of your tasks but also ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the data to the outsourcing partners.

Outsourcing will ensure maximum value for your money and better customer satisfaction, which will help you respond to challenges and to remain competitive. To know more about outsourcing travel and tourism services to India, contact us.