Books are preserved for posterity in digital form by converting from printed format to electronic format. By outsourcing book conversion services, the publishers and book sellers get the best value for their money, prompt delivery and superior quality of work

Outsourcing book conversion services

Conversion of Book Services include

  • Book conversion, catalogues and magazines
  • E journal conversion
  • E book conversion
  • Online Publishing Assistance
  • E-publishing conversion
  • E-brochure conversion… and much more

Conversion can be affected from any source files like microfiche, newspapers, books or brochures among others. We employ the latest techniques like optical mark reading, scanning and intelligent character recognition among others for accuracy and clarity. We also carry out formatting including headings, analogue, footer and header, page numbers and more as per the requirements of the clients. Illustrations or pictorial representations can also be including during e-book conversion.

Publishers or writers who wish to convert their collection of books in different eBook formats for marketing will find outsourcing really useful. Outsourcing book conversion requires a lot of mettle as the books have to be effectively converted into several electronic formats that can be easily read in different portable devices such as Kindle, Sony readers and other reading devices. This enables the publishers to ensure the ultimate portability and versatility for their readers where they can read the electronic books on notebooks or desktop computers.

We at Sasta Outsourcing Services have the requisite expertise and infrastructure to handle all types of outsourcing works at cost effective rates, which will help you stay ahead among the other competitors. The projects will be monitored to make sure that the conversion process happens as per the client’s specifications. The completed product will be sent in any desired electronic formats ranging from; FTP, DVD or even via email. We help you convert all types of printed materials into different formats like e-journals, e-books, e-brochures and e-research papers among others. To know more about our services for