Business organizations often need to convert their documents to image format or to convert their paper documents into easy to store and retrieve digital forms. By outsource scanning and indexing services, business firms can switch to an ecofriendly paperless office set up and stay ahead in the trend.

Outsource scanning and Indexing ServicesSasta Outsourcing Services offers a range of scanning and Indexing services including data entry, conversion, data processing, data capture, optical character recognition (OCR) and document imaging system among others. Outsourcing will enable the businesses to concentrate on their field of expertise while delegating all these noncore tasks to the experts who are well experienced in it. Outsourcing will help businesses to enhance optimization of resources, cut down operational overheads and increase profitability.

Our team of experts will help to effectively implement any project, however complex or voluminous it may be with accuracy, well within the turn-around time. We ensure absolute confidentiality of the sensitive client data while carrying out the indexing job by making use of the state of the art technology and well-defined document scanning procedures like OCR and OMR apart from other scanning tools and techniques, which is much more accurate and efficient than manual scanning. Once the documents are scanned these will be indexed and turned into an electronic file cabinet that can be accessed via LAN, intranet or over the Internet.

We handle a range of documents like business forms, purchase orders, invoices, lease agreements and insurance forms among others to convert into digital format, which will be saved in a high security document server that ensures safe and hassle free documents management at easy rates.

With loads of documents to handle, companies often spend a lion’s share of their productive time and effort in performing the indexing and scanning work in vain. Outsourcing will help you to make the most of your manpower and resources in handling the core business operations. If you have not been Outsource Scanning and Indexing