Data Capture From Images

data capture from imagesBusinesses that deal with piles of data of all possible types, often find the process of capturing data time consuming and tedious. Outsourcing data capture from images will make a smart cap idea to handle this problem. Data can be acquired from physical sources such as paper documents, photographs, forms, receipts and microfilms among others and turn them into electronic format that is easy to store and access.

It makes a perfect way to ensure easy access of data and save storage space for businesses. Converting data from physical formats to digital forms is a complex process that requires state of the art technology and an expert and well trained team.

Outsourcing data capture services will help you to optimize the time and services of your in-house team as they can concentrate more on your core business operations while the outsourcing partner takes care of all the data entry tasks with absolute confidentiality a and accuracy in a time bound manner.

Outsourcing cuts down the operational costs by over 60% and will help businesses to save a lot of their productive time.

Our data capture systems include the following business areas –

Paper to Image Conversion

We can convert paper documents into digital images of various file formats, which can be stored in an archived database. Information from paper documents like coupons, purchase receipts and vouchers among others can be extracted and turned into digital format.

Scanning of Checks

Checks and other legal documents bearing confidential information needs to be handled with utmost responsibility and we can convert data from checks through OCR and ICR to ensure secure storage and easy access.

Survey Forms

Surveys carry a lot of helpful information and industry trends that will come handy while planning business diversification and enhancement. Survey forms help businesses to come up with smart strategies that help them stand ahead o their competitors.
Survey forms carry loads of data that needs to be extracted, convert them into images and store them in a database.

Microfilms and Magnetic Tapes

We can extract data from magnetic storage devices like cards and process the data into microfilms which can be retrieved at any point of time.

We have the necessary expertise in managing huge volumes of data with clarity and precision. We use state of the art technology and tools including high-speed scanners to ensure accurate precision of data, which is then processed using OCR (Optical character recognition) or ICR (Intelligent character recognition). The processed data is stored in a database that can be retrieved anytime.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Capture from Images

Outsourcing data capture services will help save space by turning humongous physical documents into digital formats, which will save on office equipment costs ever year.

Cut down on operational costs: handling massive paper documents requires a lot of time and manpower in finding and retrieving information and in ensuring the proper maintenance of the documents. In a digital format, data can be recovered very fast compared to the traditional format, thereby saving a lot of productive time of the in-house team.

Data safety: Digitization will ensure better security of data than paper documents as these can be stored safely in multiple locations.

Stay ahead in the competitive market: In today’s changing market, it is important to adopt the latest techniques to beat the competition and stand ahead. An easy and effective data management system will help you get more business and competitive advantage.

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