Marketing Intelligence for businesses is crucial in providing inputs on the market potential and the likely developments in the market. It involves two segments namely marketing intelligence based on external data and internal data. External data is gathered through research while internal data is information compiled from existing data.

Highly precise business intelligence will help businesses to take the best possible decisions and enjoy an increased competitive advantage. We at Sasta offer a number of real-time marketing intelligence services that will help you to make a well-informed decision and enjoy a cutting edge advantage over the competitors.

marketing intelligence

By outsourcing your business intelligence data entry needs, we can help you keep track of your competition and the state of the industry through our customized solutions, which will include analytics that will enhance your business projections. Marketing intelligence involves collecting any relevant information that can be analyzed and utilized in making strategies and decisions to ensure effective performance of the company.

By outsourcing data Processing, many companies are getting benefitted from marketing intelligence where they can analyze and sift through the voluminous market data with precision to establish themselves in a highly competitive and volatile market. Data processing for marketing intelligence needs a lot of concentration and a prediction of data presentation and a highly trained team of data entry operators can go a long way in ensuring an effective marketing intelligence for you at the shortest possible time.

Market intelligence can be highly crucial during new product launches or diversification process because to analyze the stability of a market, marketers need high value and reliable data to assess the feasibility of their ambitious market development plans and the possible effects of brand penetration into the market.

Types of marketing intelligence services

Competitive intelligence: A specific form of market Intelligence is competitive intelligence, which is carried out on a regular basis. It involves the tedious process of collection of news and information about competitors from reliable sources, which will let the businesses to plan a strategy that will help them to outsmart their competitors. You can identify your competitors, evaluate their strategies and determine their strengths & weaknesses before coming up with competitive strategies to combat them. Competitive intelligence will give you highly precise data to plan a targeted approach and fail proof promotional strategy that will easily get you ahead of your competitors.

marketing intelligence

Market Intelligence Research: It involves the understanding of behaviors and preferences of consumers in a market-based economy and enables the business owners to come up with effective marketing campaigns. It involves various meticulous processes like Ad Tracking, Advertising research, Brand equity research Brand name testing and more. Our market research services will help you identify the best possible market for your products and services by offering practical insights and actionable tips to understand customers and improve your services and revenue. Our market needs assessment solutions will give you an impetus to surge ahead in a highly competitive and volatile market.

Online Marketing Intelligence: Involves the latest online marketing techniques and strategies that encompass a wide gamut of services like Search engine optimization, pay per click, Display advertising, Behavioral marketing and more. It will help you to reinforce your online presence and brand exposure in an emphatic manner. At a time when online shopping is accounting for a major fraction of the marketing revenue, online marketing intelligence becomes the trump card in any successful marketing campaign.

Marketing intelligence involves the collection of tons of data from the market, verification and sorting to avoid duplication and erroneous entries. The data undergoes specific analyses like SWOT analysis, before being tabulated as per the specific needs of the business organization, which can be used efficiently in data processing services.

If you have been looking for a well-experienced outsourcing partner to handle your marketing intelligence requirements, you are at the right place at Sasta outsourcing. With an impeccable track record and hands-on experience, we offer the best custom solutions that will meet your market intelligence needs.