Organizations often depend on their database for data validation and planning business promotional activities. However, having a massive database is only half the job done as the accuracy and relevance of data items in these is what ensures higher analytical productivity. This is why businesses outsourcing data cleansing services, which in turn will ensure assured return on investment for their marketing activities.

outsourcing data cleansing services

We have a sound track record in classifying, correcting and organizing the collected data across multiple data fields. By outsourcing your data cleaning services to us , you get an updated and resourceful data base that will help you to plan a more targeted direct marketing campaigns. During outsourcing, the obsolete data will be removed, e-mail lists organized and homogenous data pool created.

Data Cleansing services include

  • Removal of duplicate records
  • Identification and removal of irrelevant or invalid data
  • Suggestion of new variables to enrich a database
  • Data auditing and aggregation
  • Adding missing details

Compressing data in such as first and last names, date of birth, telephone numbers and postal codes and suppressing information industry standard files such as MPS, GAS, TBR, NSF

The outsourcing of data cleaning will ensure a reliable data source free of errors and duplications which enables businesses to collect the data and format the information of the invoices into appropriate sub categories. This will save a lot of time and effort for businesses and will make the team of the company made available to do the core work. By choosing an experienced data entry services provider you will get more value for your marketing dime and optimization of resources.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Cleansing Services to Sasta

  • Timely services and shortest turn-around time at attractive rates
  • Our highly skilled team is capable of handling different types of data entry work.
  • You get cost effective service without having to compromise on quality.

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