Data entry outsourcing in the country has been on a steady growth path since the last few decades. It will be interesting to examine the likely trends in the outsourcing industry to watch out for in 2017. Read this blog post to find a few factors that will influence the way outsourcing works.

Outsourcing Trends

Outsourcing has been catering to the changing dynamics of businesses that operate in different parts of the world. Organizations prefer to outsource technical support or various non- core BPO services like data entry services, data conversion services, product search services, email search or OCR services among others at attractive rates. The industry experts predict that 2017 will see a lot of innovation in data security and technology. Finding the right partner will help you save time and money that can be invested in growing your business and generating revenue. So, if you have been planning to outsource some or all of your non core services to outsourcing partners, these trends will be of use to you.

Here is a quick overview of the outsourcing trends to watch out for

Data security: The technological enhancement has also led to an enhanced risk of security concerns. This year is likely to see the addition of SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) to the long list of BPO services offered. As the scope and extent of data being shared by the businesses with the service provider have gone up exponentially over a period of time, more focus will be laid on data security measures in the days ahead.

Enhancement of automation: To ensure better efficiency, outsourcing providers will be forced to automate processes. Reusable platforms with offer more scalability and flexibility is likely to be a hot trend. Robotic process automation, which increases the efficiency of outsourcing services is another trend. Software bots are likely to be employed to handle repetitive tasks and the winning formula for most service providers will be to cut a fine balance between manual and automated tasks.

Integrated cloud platforms: The hottest outsourcing trends will be innovations in Cloud technology considering the tremendous increase in the number of businesses moving towards the cloud. Outsourcing companies will vie to offer innovative and improved services and data security to impress their customers.

Flexible solutions: bespoke services and solutions that match the specific needs of the organizations is going to be another outsourcing trends to watch out for in the year 2017. Gone are the days when one size fits all types of custom solutions were offered. To match the needs of the size and scope of the operations, businesses can choose outsourcing services. The best part is that most services offer the flexibility to scale down/ up the needs and to choose the format of the output. Easy to analyze and understand for even the least techn