Image data entry is a time-consuming task. As it involves the conversion of thousands of scanned images into a desirable digital format that requires both time and skilled resources. Outsourcing image data entry is a cost-effective way to turn those huge volumes of data stored in image format into well organized digital format.

outsourcing image data entry

Our well-experienced team can capture your image data, key in and organize them in an easily accessible format. We offer a plethora of services like image editing, cropping, and enhancement to ensure a quality output to our clients. We also provide image restoration services and convert manuscripts, legal documents, cards etc into digital format.

Outsourcing Image data entry services to Sasta outsourcing will help you to turn the data into various formats like Bitmap images, JPEG images Tiff images and PDF images apart from photographs or powerpoint presentations as per the need of the clients. We adopt a stringent quality assurance process for the best output and quality.

Our professionals will convert the data from various sources of images. Like application forms instruction manuals, manuscripts, books, memos and many more. The data is entered into the system to convert it into the required format as per the requirements of the clients. Once the project is completed, the images are sent via email, FTP, DVDs, portable Disks.

Here are Some of The Benefits of Outsourcing Image Data Entry

  • Save almost 60% on your operating costs
  • Get the benefit of the shortest turn- around time
  • 98% accuracy of the final product without any data loss
  • Data confidentiality and privacy

We are proficient in handling large volumes of data entry processes for the business of every genre. Get the combo benefit of the latest technology and software tools coupled with the best manpower resources while outsourcing image data entry services. Image data entry involves the conversion of images to a particular digital format of your choice to ensure easy access and utilization.

Outsourcing can do much more than just cut costs. The changing business world has resulted in various changes in data management. By outsourcing, businesses get the advantage of the latest software tools that will avoid redundancy. Image data entry outsourcing makes a smart choice for businesses in scanning various documents received from their clients for the purpose of insurance or other purposes. When businesses employ their highly trained resources on these, they may be forced to compromise on their core business operations.

Image data entry is a time-consuming task that requires skill and expertise. Our well-experienced team will key in every bit of data into th