Data Entry Of Survey Forms

For any business, surveys make massive exercises for gathering data required for market research for product and Data entry of survey formsservices to enhance its service and infrastructure requirements. It will give a clear and unbiased idea about the quality of product, customer satisfaction and the brand popularity among others. To gather this useful data, organizations make use of different types of survey forms and questionnaires, which will help them to take appropriate decisions and measures to enhance their businesses.

Survey results are utilized while formulating any company’s long-term goals, which means that survey results make a priceless asset for any organization. However the actual process of entering the survey results and tabulating them in the requisite format can all take up a whale of time. By outsourcing, Businesses can optimize their operational cost, time and effort and still get the benefit of a ell sorted survey results in an easily accessible format well within the stipulated time.

We are proficient to carry out data entry solutions for all types of surveys including market surveys, product surveys and customer satisfaction surveys among others. We have the infrastructure to handle large volumes of data- both in digital format and paper format.

Data entry of survey forms includes entering the survey data into an online database for easy access and reference, which may involve various procedures like data editing, tabulating, and data mapping to get the survey results in the desired format. Survey involves both online surveys and offline surveys, both of which involves a lot of time and effort. Survey results make blue prints of relevant market information and customer feedbacks that come handy for businesses in planning their promotional strategies, diversification or new product launches.

Outsourcing data entry of survey forms will offer the multiple advantages of the shortest turn around time, lowest cost and highly accurate output among others. The good thing is that it will allow the business owners to dedicate their time , effort and in-house manpower in handling their core business operations.

We offer a range of survey processing services including data research, data collection, sorting , cleaning and conversion to a digital format as per the specifications of our clients. To process the tons of survey results requires fine skills and expertise and our well experienced team backed up with the latest technological tools are capable of sifting through piles of data and coming up with the accurate survey results free of any duplications or discrepancies. We use state of the art survey scanning methods like Optical character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to convert the survey results into digital format.

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