High-quality data is the biggest asset of any organization. Data processing involves carrying out specific tasks on the information of a database. It includes collecting raw data, getting it organized in the desired format and creating an output that suits the needs of the customers and that can be easily shared among the employees and the authorized entities that will help in making a well-informed decision at the quickest possible time. There are many types of data processing tasks that can be outsourced.

back office data processing tasks can outsourced

Businesses generate tons of data in the scattered and fragmented format on a daily basis and to sift through this humongous data and bring out the most relevant data requires a lot of time and expertise and that is what makes outsourcing important. Every department in an organization needs specific information and the data processing requirements can change across the organization tremendously. The complexity of performing these tasks internally has urged organizations to turn to the better choice of outsourcing as it reduces the operational overheads and helps organizations to optimize the manpower to execute revenue generating tasks and business goals.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Processing

  • Outsourcing will help businesses to get the advantage of the latest technology and manpower without having to invest in the procurement of tools or the training of employees.
  • Outsourcing ensures scalability of resources that will help them to achieve their business goals with high precision in the shortest possible time.
  • Any volume and type of data processing tasks can be outsourced. Which makes it easy for them to process data without recruiting fresh hands.

Types of Data Processing Tasks that can be Outsourced

Image Data Entry:

Businesses that deal with images or have image banks can outsource a multitude of tasks like image sorting, data capture from images, image indexing, image data entry and image conversion among others to ensure the best quality.

Product Data Entry:

eCommerce companies need to handle a lot of tasks like adding product descriptions, catalogs, product specifications, and price lists among others. Outsourcing product catalog data entry will enable the organizations to get these time-sensitive tasks completed on time to make their online stores attractive and to ensure more footfalls. Obsolete product catalogs and price lists can instantly turn off prospective customers and may portray a bad image of businesses.

Sales Invoice and Purchase Order Data Entry:

Relieve your in house team by outsourcing data entry from invoices and purchase orders (in any digital format), debit memos and more and save time and effort.

Manual Data Entry:

Even in this robotic age, the requirement for manual data entry may come up at times where handwritten documents have to be entered into CMS or CRM applications. Outsourcing this task will save time and free up the internal team to carry out more important tasks.

Form Processing:

Data collected in forms including market research forms, insurance, medical or registration can be outsourced for easy access and future use for business development and strategic planning. Outsourcing form processing will help businesses to stand out in the competition by turning this data of strategic importance to digital format.

Document Formatting:

Document formatting outsourcing is useful for businesses like publication houses or those that deal with technical guides and user manuals among others. Outsourcing tasks like bookmarking placing hyperlinks, caption numbering, and labeling will all yield optimum results.

Data Conversion:

Converting one file format into another could be a task which will be simply outsourced. The scope for outsourcing includes HTML and XML conversion, eBook conversion, document and catalog conversion, PDF conversion and a lot of.

Data Cleansing:

To ensure the quality of the database, proper maintenance of database needs to carry out. Tasks related to data cleansing that can be outsourced include removal of duplicate and invalid records, the addition of missing details and interlinking multiple data sources among others, and so on.

These are some of the types of data processing tasks that can be outsourced to ensure better accuracy of information, cost efficiency of data management and improved the productivity of in-house employees and focus on core business operations. Call us at Sasta outsourcing to know more about outsourcing data processing services that will ensure more value for your money.

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