Happy employees are the biggest assets of any organization, however, retaining the workforce could be easier said than done at times. Attrition drains out quality manpower and may incur recurring expenses of hiring and training for organizations. Attrition management in BPO has a crucial role in retaining an employee in a company.

attrition management in bpo

Here Are Some Of The Best Ways To Manage Attrition

1. Hiring the suitable applicants

To reduce attrition, make sure to hire the most appropriate candidates and offer the best working atmosphere that will enable them to bring out the best of them. Implementing a referral program is another great way to reduce attrition as it will keep the existing employees well appreciated and inspire them to refer the most suitable candidates.

2. Offer training programs

On the job training will keep the data entry agents competent and skilled to work in high-pressure situations. Training not just inculcates necessary knowledge and skills but makes them attuned to the company’s values and to be a perfect team member. Define the scope of the job and performance expectations so that the candidates will know what is expected of them. Appropriate training programs will motivate them to stick on to the company for a long time and prove their merit. The employees should be trained in state of the art skills for reaching their optimum performance level, which in turn will give the employees a sense of achievement.

3. Motivation

Make sure to keep the team well motivated and happy by offering financial rewards and appreciation mailers, which will encourage them to stick on. Studies show that the biggest reason for attrition among employees in organizations is lack of appreciation. Employee welfare measures like incentives, travel coupons, and paid vacations will all make simple yet effective gestures to show that you care for your team. By offering promotional opportunities, you can motivate employees to stick on and make a successful career out of this. Progression up the career ladder is the biggest factor to keep the employees stick on in the job.

4. Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful business operation. Everyone on the team should have a perfect understanding of the goals of the business and should feel part of the bigger plan. It can be achieved only by ensuring a perfect communication channel between the employees. Online reports and working schedules will all make a great way to make the operations well coordinated and smooth.

5. Management Style

A great boss is the biggest motivational element for any employee. Make the employees feel valued and wanted. It will be reflected in the quality of their work and performance levels. An easy management and a happy place to work with an element of fun will make a great combination to make your call centers employee magnets.

6. Work-Life Balance

In today’s robotic world where everything happens super-quick and real-time, attaining work-life