If you would ask any bookish people of the ‘internet generation’, they undoubtedly say that reading books on smartphones and eBook readers like Barnes and Noble’s Nook, Amazon Kindle and the like is awesomely interesting. However if you think about creating a book that can surely attract them, you would know that is it not an easy task at all. As the case is if you want to create a feature-rich eBooks it can be all the more difficult. Interestingly if you would like to outsource book conversion services to India, it will not only help you get the best service, but get services at affordable rates, too.


How can a book conversion services India help create incredibly feature-rich eBooks?

eBooks conversion services in India know their job: It is a no-brainer that you excel at whatever business you do or whatever industry you operate, a professional eBook conversion consultant would know what they are doing and how they need to do their job perfectly to provide maximum value for their clients-that is you. However, it is imperative that you look for the best book conversion services provider in India who has the infrastructure, technical knowhow and proven track to approach to. If you fail to do the homework while searching for a reliable book conversion services company in India, then the results would also be equally disappointing.

An enticing cover page design: One of the important jobs that befall an eBooks conversions services in India if you associate with them is to create unique and visually stunning eBook covers that can attract readers effectively. It is the same as having an incredibly creative and illustrative cover for the printed version. After all, it is the cover that entices a person to take interest in the book in the first place.

Convert the eBook to a myriad of formats: If you did not know, there are several formats that an eBook needs to be converted to in order to reach a wide range of audience who have access to different eBook reading devices. Most of the eBook conversions services in India would know how the book needs to be converted to perform flawlessly in various platforms and it can surely come in handy for you.

There are numerous formats an eBook needs to be designed to be compatible such as;

  • Kindle Format 8 for Amazon Kindle,
  • Fixed layout ePub3 for Apple, Kobo and Google
  • PagePerfect PDF for Barnes and Noble Nook.

Other visual features and elements: From a layman’s point of view, a book with the right size, color schemes, tone and illustrations that match the text content of the book is what he sees in every other book. However, for a professional book conversion services company in India, that provides book conversion services, it is easier said than done. They know how to select and integrate each of these elements according to the content and the target audience of the book that is being converted. They will also be required to create such additional elements as;

  • A befitting summary of the content
  • Professional headshots
  • Author bio
  • Snippets from the reviews of industry experts

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